RUMPUM is a Dance Fitness Class

suitable for all levels of fitness .. the seamless bespoke playlist is a spine tingling compilation of varied genres so theres something to tickle everyones earbuds !

MUSIC .. its our PASSION and our BEST FRIEND 

we ALWAYS use original artists and the best DJ mixes around .. from the latest dance/club anthems back to old favourites  

The routines change every 12 weeks and can be mixed by your licensed instructor so you can always request to bring back your favorite tunes and moves.

In a RUMPUM class we always finish off our sweaty grooves with a floorwork track ... this isn't compulsory but we encourage you bring your mat and drop to the floor to strengthen your core ..!

EVERYONE is welcome come along

be part of it ...


Slap your light up bands on ..  

lights down low ..

 & let yourself go !